Evergreen Tree Service offers a wide array of services to residential, commercial and municipal customers. We also routinely assist condominium property managers and area landscapers in the maintenance of their customers’ properties.

Tree Removals

Our highly trained specialists utilize the most up-to-date methods and equipment and are adept at rigging, lowering and removing trees in the most difficult situations. The safest, most cost-efficient methods for removal of any tree are carefully planned in advance before setting foot on your property. Once trees are removed, our stumpers can grind down tree stumps to below grade and the areas can be filled with topsoil. We will do a thorough clean-up before leaving your property -a task we believe to be significant to the completion of the total job.

Stump Removals

We remove stumps with our stump grinders. These specialized pieces of equipment have large cutter wheels with carbide teeth that can grind down an entire stump into mulch. We have different size models that give us the flexibility for any size stump. For those areas with limited access we use a portable model that is able to fit through gate openings, etc. Once a stump is ground, all that is left is a pile of mulch inside a hole. Most customers opt to have us fill in the hole with topsoil and then apply grass seed, lime and starter fertilizer to the area.

Tree Pruning, Thinning & Shaping

Proper tree pruning is a fundamental part of tree care and should only be done in Connecticut under the direction of a Licensed Arborist. Evergreen Tree Service has distinguished itself from the competition with our attention to detail and our meticulous and aesthetic pruning of trees.

These are some of the reasons we are hired to prune trees:

  • Provide clearance of trees from building and roofs
  • Secure more clearance over lawns, roads, walks, parking spots, etc.
  • Eliminate potential hazards and ensure safety by removal of dead wood, damaged cracked limbs and branches that are low over walks, etc.
  • Enhance the inner scaffold of limbs
  • Improve future growth by removal of damaged branches and pruning stubs, weak V-crotches, crossing branches and interfering branches
  • Increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance by thinning/removing unwanted sucker growth and selective branches in the crown
  • Train young trees to develop a strong structure and desirable form


Cabling & Bracing of Weak Crotches

When we are called upon to evaluate a property and make recommendations one of the items we look for are trees that are in need of cabling or bracing. A tree can split apart and loose limbs for a number of structural reasons that have to do with how the branches or trunks are connected to the rest of the tree. If the point of attachment looks like a tight “V” it is considered to be structurally weak and the installation of cables will stabilize this defect while allowing the tree freedom of movement. Multi-trunk trees can be particularly vulnerable to cracks and splits originating at the base of the tree.

Severe weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain or ice will add stress to already weakened trees and can result in broken limbs. Unfortunately, it is usually not until someone has a tree that splits apart that they learn that the damage could have been prevented with the professional installation of cables. If you need any more information or would like us to look at your trees for cabling needs please give us a call.


Custom Plant Health Care Programs

Our diagnosis of tree problems will include the identification of disease and insects threats and may include any cultural, environmental or mechanical concerns. A state-licensed arborist will inspect your trees and devise a suitable program focused on your particular tree problems. Timely seasonal applications are an important feature of our programs, facilitating control of disease and pests common to Northeast.

We will recommend spray applications to control insects and fungal diseases only when they present a threat to tree health. Our program proposals adhere to the guidelines of the Department of Environmental Protection and may be accompanied by current ‘Fact Sheets’ published by the plant science departments of major universities. Our emphasis is on ecologically sound practices, such as using horticultural oils and systemic sub-soil or bark applications in all instances where compatible with tree health.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station (CAES) has an online Plant Pest Handbook that is an excellent source of information for both homeowners and ‘Green Industry Professionals’ and is available at the following link:


Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs

Proper plant fertilization is an important part of our focus to improve the environment by improving the health of your trees and shrubs. Urban and suburban trees and shrubs lack the ecosystems normally found in natural forests where the leaves left on the ground decompose naturally and replenish the soil. In addition, soils in developed areas are usually compacted and trees and shrubs are likely to be in direct competition with turf. Soil pH levels may not be at the ideal level for the optimum intake of nutrients.

Our method of deep-root liquid injections not only provide nutrients but will also aerate and water the root zone, greatly improving the health of stressed trees. The formulations we use include both macro- and micronutrients to replenish seasonal fertility requirements and promote growth, health and vigor. These mixtures also contain beneficial microbes that help to sustain fertility over the long term. Trees receiving consistent applications of essential nutrients will look better and live longer.

Poison Ivy & Brush Control

Landscapes, yards and athletic fields that are bordered by natural woods or fields will often have Poison Ivy. This plant is common throughout Connecticut and will spread very fast if left unchecked. Poison Ivy can cause severe inflammation of the skin either by direct contact or by contact with contaminated clothing, tools, smoke, dust, articles or animals.

We will eradicate your poison ivy with systemic treatments that will destroy the leaves, stems and roots of the plants. Multiple treatments are usually needed so we will apply one initial treatment and then will come back and apply a second (and sometimes third) treatment to any re-growth, usually the following year. Some sites require yearly applications due to seeds disbursed by wildlife.


Installation of Trees and Shrubs

Before choosing trees and shrubs to plant you should carefully consider the site itself. You need to take into account the soil type, (clay-sandy-loamy) and the soil Ph (acid-neutral or alkaline) A simple soil test give you the answers to these two items. The amount of sunlight the site receives during the course of a day (full sun, partial shade, full shade) along with the size of the site is also very important.

When you hire Evergreen Tree Service to plant your trees and shrubs you can feel confident that the job will be done professionally and with great care. We choose only the best quality planting material from reputable area nurseries and transport them to your site. The holes will be dug at the proper depth, the plants set in carefully while making sure that the trunk flare is at, or 1-2 inches above the existing grade. Burlap and any twine will be cut away and the hole gently backfilled and watered. A 2-4 inch layer of organic mulch will be placed in a wide band around the root zone to conserve soil moisture and moderate soil temperature. We will leave you with specific watering instructions that are crucial to the survival of the new plants. They need to be kept watered on a schedule -no matter what the weatherman is predicting -if they are to become established.


Lawn Installations

We are regularly asked to establish lawns in areas after trees and stumps are removed. Evergreen Tree Service is fully equipped to install grass on any size site using either seed or turf. As with tree and shrub plantings, an important part of the job is the preparation of the area. We have the expertise, equipment and supplies needed to re-grade areas, add additional topsoil if needed and apply the lime and fertilizer necessary for the successful establishment of turf.

  • Article: Starting a New Lawn written by Tom Rathier of the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station in Windsor, CT


Roll-off Container Service

Recycling is made easy when you use our EVERGREEN roll-off containers. We deliver the container to your location and pick it up when you are done. Our hook-lift system helps ensure proper and safe placement of containers.

Our EVERGREEN roll-off containers are perfect for:
  • Interior & Exterior Home Remodeling Debris
  • Construction Waste
  • ‘Green Waste’ from Landscaping Jobs
  • Household/Basement clean outs
  • Bulky Waste

Surcharges apply for specific items. Contact us for current pricing.

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