Our Landscape Mulch

Evergreen Tree Service has been recycling wood waste from our tree trimming and removal operations for over 30 years. Our organic Landscape Mulch is produced by double-grinding and naturally composting woodchips and brush into a dark, nutrient-rich material. This 100% natural mulch has a smooth, permeable texture, is easy to spread and will not rob the soil of nitrogen because it has been composted. Our Landscape Mulch makes a great, all-purpose mulch that can be used around trees and shrubs. It is also the ideal mulch to use on sloped areas.

We can also deliver the following products:

Playground Safety Mulch

Clean ground woodchips cut to specified size for use under playground equipment

Premium Pine Bark Mulch

Softwood blend that includes 30% hemlock

100% Hemlock Bark Mulch

Long-lasting natural, reddish-brown in color

100% Northern Cedar Mulch

All natural, no dyes. This light brown mulch is superior in its resistance to decomposition and has ability to repel insects.

Color-Enhanced Cedar Mulch

Red & Black colorized Northern Cedar Mulch

All Mulch Products are sold by the cubic yard.

To estimate the amount of cubic yards to order you can use the following method:

  1. Measure out the size of the area you want to cover. Multiply the length by the width for the square footage.
  2. Decide how deep you want your mulch to be in inches. (Usually not more than 3 inches)
  3. Multiply the size (square ft.) by the depth (inches).
  4. Divide the number you got in #3 by 324.

This is the number of cubic yards you will need to cover your area to be mulched.

Mulch Basics: General Tips for applying Mulches

  • Do not place mulch directly against plant crowns or tree bases. Always stay a few inches away from the trunks of trees and shrubs to avoid the development of diseases like crown rot.
  • Mulch applied too thickly can cause problems with too dry or wet soils. An excessively deep mulch layer can promote waterlogging of heavy soils, decrease soil oxygen levels, cause shallow rooting and keep soils too warm during winter.
  • Thoroughly water newly installed wood or bark mulches to prevent colonization of nuisance fungi.
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About our Firewood

All of our firewood is cut into 16”-20” lengths, split and seasoned for 8-12 months. We sell mixed hardwoods recycled from local tree removal work and never remove trees just for firewood production. Sales are by the cord as per Connecticut state law and each cord we deliver is guaranteed to measure at least 128 cubic feet or 8 x 4’ x 4’ when stacked.
Our seasoned firewood is stored in large piles and although we cover the piles with waterproof tarps some moisture will remain. Once your firewood is delivered we recommend that you stack it as soon as possible. Because this is seasoned wood it is normal for some bark to become loose and fall off leaving debris to clean up from the delivery location.

For best results we recommend the following:
  • Pick a sunny, dry location for your woodpile. Choose a spot that is convenient for you but not directly against your house. Insects will move to feed and live in dead wood and you want to avoid any pest problems in your home.
  • Keep your firewood off the ground. Stack the first row of your firewood on a supporting base such as cement blocks, pallets or wooden planks. This step will keep the wood dry, prevent it from rotting, reduce insect infestation and promote air circulation. The second and subsequent rows should be loosely stacked in a perpendicular manner to ensure good air circulation.
  • Cover the top quarter of your firewood with a tarp to keep moisture off the wood but keep the sides open to the air.
  • During the winter months, bring wood indoors a few days before you plan to burn it.

Tips on Buying Firewood from Connecticut Forest & Parks Association

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